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Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Animation & Video Production.

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Media & Entertainment

Let’s shop

We live in a time of consumerism when everyone wants to own many goods at all times. This need for buying and consuming resulted in the need for more information about products. Businesses and companies nowadays have sophisticated the way they market and sell their products and services. One of these methods is teleshopping or sales through a shopping channel. Klan Shop, part of TV Klan, is a dedicated channel for teleshopping. This channel is created in order to cater to an audience who spends more time in front of the television, rather than in front of the mobile phone or computer.
Vatra Agency branded and created all the necessary elements of visual identity of this channel, keeping in mind its purpose. We decided on elements of the logo, while thinking about shopping. It is simply shaped as a bag, which directly reminds us that we can always buy through Klan Shop.

Vatra Agency team understood our needs very quickly and their service was delivered in a professional manner. We are very happy with their originality and innovative ideas. Working with Vatra it has been a joyful and very productive process.

Mr. Eptan LojaHead of Marketing at TV Klan