work performed

Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Animation & Video Production.

industry type

Media & Entertainment

A trusted source of information

With its potential of a big media group, TV Klan has created a dedicated news channel for people who need to get informed anytime. Living in the era of information and being surrounded by many sources of information, we all need a trusted and impartial media to get information in real time. With the support of Klan TV, which is a national television channel, Klan News serves as a source of professional news and information from Albania and all around the world.

While working on this project, we at Vatra Agency kept in mind the mission of Klan News, which is professionality and responsibility to provide correct information to a large audience. The main colors of the brand are black, red and white as a combination of power, strength and transparency.

Vatra Agency is one of the most talented agency in Tirana. They could graphically communicate our journalism values, into a unique and fresh visual identity. From start to finish, Vatra were great to work with and we would work with them again.

Raqi BickaTechnical Director at Klan TV