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Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Copywriting, Video Animation, Photoshooting

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Food & Beverage

on the plus side

super-powered juice

An abundant and delicious breakfast often includes juices. For a long time, the first place was held by the orange juice; next to coffee and tea for the trumpeted content of vitamin C. But here’s the thing: Jaffa Plus has made Albanian families embrace change once and for all. This is definitely a brand created to offer a wide range of high-quality products. The focus? Unwavering and always towards organic and fresh fruit.

we’re 100% organic

Fruit juice producers are numerous in our country. They are the ones who make the industry a difficult terrain to operate in. Faced with a variety of difficulties on a daily basis – such as import taxes, raw materials or the climate and its whims – these producers do whatever they can to survive.
Jaffa Plus’s approach to the market, the general audience, but also to its name itself, confirmed to us that this company stands out from its competitors. And when we spot healthy ambition and foresight in our client, it is impossible for us to back down, to not offer everything from ourselves for a paved and promising path.

the maximum squeezing

We did what was necessary so that Jaffa Plus’s beliefs were conveyed by its products themselves. We conceived and developed an efficient strategy, while keeping the consumer in mind; their constant need to be informed about every nutritional value they can get from a juice packaging box. We brought Jaffa Plus to life, offering a smiling portrait and flexible silhouette of a character. We also managed their social media and offered curated content calendars. All in function of brand recognition, higher visibility, but above all, to achieve the present results: Jaffa Plus is currently preferred by every Albanian family, not only for its orange juice.

jaffa character design vatra
jaffa social media feed