work required

Market Research, Marketing & Media Strategy, Advertising Campaign, Outdoor Advertising, Digital Marketing, TVC Production, Social Media Management, Sponsorship Management, PR, BTL

industry type

Banking & Finance

Introducing a fast solution in the Albanian Market

Iutecredit is created by a group of financial investors in the strong and growing Estonian market. The company is a leader in micro-credit financing institutions in which thousands of customers have found immediate solutions to their wishes and financial needs. In 2015 the company opened its first office in Albania offering a fast micro-credit service and for this reason they appointed Vatra to create an innovative and focused brand and product campaign. The speed and the elimination of bureaucracy in obtaining the products offered by Iutecredit is the winning element in the Albanian market. Advertising and informative messages will be based exactly on those elements. We create clear, striking and effective messages, in order to immediately catch the attention of the public by raising awareness and engagement for the brand and especially for the product. We decided to address local audiences with messages coming from their folk culture, mixed with irony and humor, which, in the end, provide solutions to their problems. A visual communication format which gets the message through clearly and in a few words was designed to explain how easy it is to access credit. The media plan developed for Iutecredit turned out to be fairly effective from the moment of its analysis. Advertising the product in social media made a great impact on its recognition by the public in the channels where the conversation with potential clients started. TV Commercials, PR articles, radio spots and native digital banners strengthened and increased awareness for the potential customer of the product and the company.

“Sometimes when I see the results of our newborn company in Albania I really feel that Vatra team have our best interests at heart. The creative & strategy campaign developed by them hits the interest of every target we aimed in our business plan. Everything we discussed has been backed up by results and we could not recommend them highly enough.”

Ms. Bealba MataCEO, Iutecredit Albania.