work required

Market Research, Marketing & Media Strategy, Advertising Campaign, Outdoor Advertising, Digital Marketing, TVC Production, Social Media Management, Sponsorship Management, BTL.

industry type

Banking & Financing

Going beyond advertising to introduce Iutecredit in Kosovo

Iutecredit is an Estonian micro-credit financial institution. In 2017 the company launched Iutecredit for the first time in Kosovo. Following the successful experience with Iutecredit Albania the board of directors in Estonia entrusted Vatra the launch of the company in this market.

Vatra Pristina started work with a huge advantage, as the local group was initially joined by the creative and strategic group of Vatra Tirana. After they carried out a detailed market research and following the company’s request that the communication concept be the same for all Albanian-speaking areas, the product and brand were launched in the Kosovo market. We decided to address local audiences with messages coming from their folk culture, mixed with irony and humor, which, in the end, provide solutions to their financial needs. A visual communication format which gets the message through clearly and in a few words was designed to explain how easy it is to access credit. Our local media experts developed a strategy to cover most of the audience for every campaign during an entire year. Considering that the product was accessible online we created a digital strategy that would redirect every user on the website to an “Apply Now” CTA. Every action has strengthened the position of the brand and increased product awareness in the market.

"Vatra played an important role for IuteCreditKosova. As a marketing company they were responsible for preparing marketing strategy and the launch campaign of the operations in Kosova and continued to offer services such as creativity designs, video’s, animation and managing of social media (FB& IG).
We can proudly say that Vatra did e very good job. IuteCreditKosova was unique, very creative and something totally different from what competitors or financial sector did. With the approach and creativity somehow we became the new “way of communicating with mass” which in one or another way in short time we had the attention of the mass market but for sure the attention of financial sector as well. Very experienced and supportive staff in regards to “day to day operation needs” in terms of marketing needs."

Mr. Shpend MaxheraCEO, Iutecredit Kosovo.