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Campaign, Design, Digital, Strategy

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Financial Services


Well, if you are inclined to run away from problems there’s no reason to feel mortified. Sometimes, escapism it’s a normal human response, an automatic physiological reaction to a stressful situation. But at the same time you can stand and have a way out. Just give me 15 minutes. Promise?

No time for confusion, Forza!

Capital Invest is a financial institution that provides micro-credit solutions to thousands of Albanian clients from all over the country. To offer fast loans with minimal requirements, the company created an ad hoc product, Forza. In a very competitive financial market, Forza had the challenge to raise awareness and position itself with a clear, original tone of voice. Thanks to our previous experience in finance and banking accounts, we at VATRA Agency took the challenge by proposing something out of the box. We pointed at the exit sign!

The exit is the solution

In times of trouble we tend to look for a way out. What if the exit sign above the runway can be the solution? This is what we did, we took the graphic symbols of runways, mixed them and turned them into a set of visuals and animations that presented Forza as a provider of fast, short-term loan solutions. The prospects had their way out, not to run but to overcome their financial problems. With a set of compelling copy and artworks, the campaign went on air in OOH and on social media. We got rewarded with a great response. Prospects especially loved the QR code implemented in the CTL, which enabled them to apply for a loan directly from their smartphones.       

I couldn’t wish for a better impact. The agency made a series of bold yet very creative choices, while the client’s reactions went beyond our expectations. This collaboration enabled us to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Kudos to the VATRA creative team.

Endri IkonomiProject Manager Forza, Consumer Loan product - Capital Invest