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Advertising campaign, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Print Advertising, Content Creating

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Telecommunication, Retail

on making happiness contagious

What can you do for a company that promises a great variety of products and a friendly environment, so its customers can live a happier life? You gift it with an original brand identity!

A one-stop-shop solution for a one-stop drugstore

The client decided to create an international drug store chain with headquarters and stores in two countries, Albania and Austria. The project was to build a one-stop-shop experience, where customers had the chance to enjoy a massive variety of health and beauty products. The objective was to offer a smart/dynamic shopping experience and to aim for high customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our experience and our expertise, VATRA crafted a whole new brand around this ambitious project. We named the brand Finken, meaning Finch, the happiest and most energetic bird on the planet. A symbol of an active and healthy life. The new brand, “Finken das Drogeriemarkt” was colored with the color of energy and one of the most mesmerizing pigments that you can find on a finch bird. The company logo was designed to represent the feathers of the bird during his flight.

This new brand identity was applied in a series of communication and marketing materials (uniforms, office supplies, loyalty cards, documents, etc.) and was also implemented on Finken Pharmacy. The goal was to launch a brand that made people fly of happiness.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Vatra Agency to anyone that wishes to deal with an Agency that delivers and has outstanding knowledge of branding / marketing in its every demonstration.

Mrs. Suela BishaHead of Marketing at Finken Drogeriemarkt