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The chain process of being healthy

FeraMAX® is the #1 recommended iron supplement in Canada for 5 years in a row. In Albania this exclusive supplement is distributed by Apialpharma, one of the biggest pharmaceutical distributors in the country.

The company’s executives contacted us to create an extensive integrated communication campaign. The scope of the campaign was massive brand awareness, recognition of the pharmaceutical product’s benefits in the long run, and increasing sales in a period when the need for iron is at its greatest. We suggested an approach that would greatly benefit FeraMAX®.The approach included making a scientific communication, but in terms that are popular to the audience. The expectation was that the information would be perceived easily by everyone.

We created an animated TV spot based on the concept of the function of FeraMAX® within the body, envisaging it as a factory chain process. All the in-house created graphs show the product’s benefits gradually in a way that is comprehensible for everyone. The communication campaign was reinforced by engaging other media, such as radio and social networks. Various campaigns were created on social networks through Vatra’s expertise with Social Paid Ads techniques, thus increasing the targeted distribution of the message to audiences that are not easily accessible by television or radio.

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that Vatra’s team did a really good job. I am glad I decided to work with them. Their professionalism makes them great. Building strong brand awareness and loyalty is vital to the success of any business. Vatra’s team can make it happen. Thank you!

Oliana IftiCEO of ApialPharma