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Branding, Packaging Design, Advertising Campaign, TVC, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Naming, Marketing Strategy

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Fasdol. Brand and design to stand out from the crowd

As part of the company’s image reviving strategy, the strategic plan of Profarma sh.a. required the creation of a product which was indented be the flagship in the category of anti-inflammatory drugs in the Albanian market. Vatra was contracted to conceive all design phases of a new brand and also launching it on the market. Naming the product in a way that would convey its main functions, an attractive and modern logo and packaging design, a TV advertisement spot to be broadcast on national and local televisions, as well as a social networks and digital media content strategy. The name Fasdol was chosen after a rigorous selection phase performed by the agency and then by the company. The aim was to identify a design strategy that would reinforce the product’s communication and increase concentration by focusing on the product’s benefits. Vatra came up with a solution to simplify the packaging design as much as possible, in order to make the right impact on the consumer or when it was positioned on shelves. Market launch through TVC and a media strategy designed by Vatra turned Fasdol shortly into the best-selling Albanian anti-inflammatory.

"We express our gratitude to Vatra, for its cooperation and support in the development projects of our company Profarma JSC, focusing on our future. By understanding clearly and adopting our goals they have been part of our staff with their professional creativity and advice. Now, walking in the road that we constructed together, we are certain of the successful promotion of our company."

Mrs. Aurela ShotaPR Director, Profarma JSC.