work performed

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Animation & Video Production.

industry type

Media & Entertainment

Family fun time

Being a national television TV Klan is an important content provider, producing many television programs and shows. It relied on Vatra’s talent for branding and rebranding many of these projects. Following some successful collaborations with our agency, TV Klan assigned Vatra Agency, the creation of a brand for their new show, called “Familja”. “Familja” hosted by showman Turjan Hyska, is a family fun time on screen. This show promotes family time values and the precious time spent together. It includes entertainment, emotions, games, and surprises.
In accordance with the show’s profile, the Vatra Agency team created the logo concept and the whole TV identity package, including: animation, bumper in and out and the logos for all the games of “Familja”. Vatra Agency made this program visually colorful and enjoyable through this big creative project.

Vatra Agency prepared logo concept & design; animation; opening and closing sequence, the logos for the games for one of the most successful of Klan television projects, “Familja”. The team are responsive, creative and a pleasure to work with.

Mr. Altin AgoDirector, Familja Tv Show, Tv Klan HD