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An Eden by the fabled shores of the Adriatic

Quality recognizes quality. For a long time now, Vatra has established itself as the go-to agency for premium brands that want to capture those magical properties of their essence, and promote, advertise or enhance them further. One of the clients with whom we have recently been cooperating in strengthening and curating their image, is Durrës Yachts & Marina. A world-class community developed by the globally renowned real estate company founded by Mr. Alabbar, Emaar; known for its large projects, such as Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Durrës Yachts & Marina is not only one of the finest living spaces anywhere on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, but wherever you might look for a place to call home on this planet. It offers a plethora of residential options to choose from, of which each and every single one makes no compromises when it comes to providing a more enjoyable, relaxed and healthier lifestyle. It brings in one place luxury services, comfortable living spaces, excellent weather, and a never-ending supply of breathtaking views.

For the team of Durrës Yachts & Marina, above all, Vatra and its team have been a trusted and reliable creative partner. Our work on this collaboration has thus far been focused on three areas: Strategy, Design and Reach.

Firstly, we helped them define the pillars of their strategy, how to best shape it, how to direct and guide it, with the purpose and goal of bringing these superb and one-of-kind living spaces, namely Green Vistas, Parkland & Parkpoint, to the attention of their future residents. Moving to design, our work has ranged from creating the logos of some of the above-mentioned buildings, to producing and editing videos and social posts for various communication channels, and all the subtle details that frame this paradise. Furthermore, a significant chunk of our dedication and passion has gone into the reach part–the spreading of the word about Durrës Yachts & Marina and the most effective ways to present its unique proposition. Tailoring ads to grab the attention of different target groups, managing their socials, and carefully picking the words that accompany this richness in imagery.

As Durrës Yachts & Marina and its parts reach their completion, and soon to welcome their first residents, we’re most pleased to have had our share of involvement and impact in the wonderful story of this little Eden.

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