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A powerful tasting experience. Lovingly yours

Coffee is one of the most powerful and multi-sensorial joys that we experience in our lifetime. That’s why we at Vatra created a powerful and multi-layered brand identity for Drupa Caffè.

It all started from scratch. It all started from the origins.

The client is a coffee connoisseur, who selects its product origin with great care. This expertise needed to be branded by VATRA. We started from the origins, by naming the brand Drupa, like the coffee fruit. Drupa is a perfect name for a coffee brand. It has a smooth sound, it’s memorable and it recalls a 100% coffee experience. Thanks to our long expertise in brand naming (and copyright), Drupa now is officially taken, so live with it.

Amorevolmente tuo

Regardless of our long experience in branding and design, we took Drupa Caffè as a great challenge. After long research and a series of creative storming, our team crafted a dedicated brand logo: a graphic eye-catching version of the Drupa fruit, which can be beautifully implemented in all the communication materials of the brand. We enhanced the tasting experience of Drupa Caffè with a packaging design that could match the quality level of the product, actually by making it highly satisfying. Drupa is a product made from the Italian coffee makers tradition and we honored this heritage with an Italian slogan: Amorevolmente tuo.

The brand visual approach was expanded on interior design, to make the tasting experience lovingly yours.

Drupa Caffè it's not the first coffee brand that I've managed in my long career. I've been dealing with coffee and the roasted industry for almost 25 years. It’s one of my greatest passions and the field of my main business achievements. But, for the first time, finally, I'm enjoying the benefits of a well-executed brand. Working with Vatra is quite satisfying on a human level. Their expertise in brand identity and packaging is unique. In the long run, it turned out an excellent choice.

Fatmir HamitiGeneral Director, Drupa