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Slogan, Branding, Product & Packaging Design

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Food & Beverage

Fresh and well-established in the market? Call it done!

Seeking a consolidated name in the market and being a relatively new company sounds illogical. But, when you speak with the proper people, it becomes a constructive goal. This is the case of Dimal – the company that entrusted Vatra with its communication and the unmistakable identity of its meat by-products.

We brought to a wide audience everything that defines Dimal: Traditions. Quality. Taste. We created a full branding package, based on the brand name’s narrative.

We created a logo, based on the epigraphic findings of the ancient and fortified Illyrian city of Dimal, and used colors such as red and blue, with the aim of encouraging the consumer to absorb that Dimal is a serious and quality brand.

In order to most effectively communicate the distinctive qualities of the brand—but most importantly, the flavor that sets Dimal apart from other products and makes it an indispensable component of family memories—we added the tagline “History on every table” to the logo. We implemented the logo in promotional products, as well as offered the client the template and design of the Newsletter.

With its unmatched quality in meat by-products and its curated image, Dimal is undoubtedly a company that speaks volumes and quality to its customers today.

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