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Communication Strategy, Brand Awareness, Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, Content Creating, TVC, Animation, OOH, PR, Web Design & Development

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Home & Lifestyle

Our digital escape speaks of brand elegance

When home changes your life…

Home is definitely an oasis of escape, enchanting, when it’s dressed with innovation and noticed from its sophisticated language. Miele has the power to induce such transformations that mark daily life and give different colours to the monotony. And this is not something told by us, the loyalty of its customers speaks for itself.

And you’re always ready for big moves

Always better ( “Immer Besser”), this is Miele’s motto, which Vatra has managed to best adopt in everything offered from the starting point of cooperation. It was 2021 when Miele’s regional management assigned Vatra to conduct a market study, then implement its results into a digital marketing and communication strategy. A lot has changed in the span of two years, but what remained steadfast was our commitment to a successful digital experience, for an audience that is growing in numbers every day.

Let’s grow together

Indeed, we have not stopped strengthening the required digital strategy. In which way? With a well-thought-out content strategy and an efficient posting calendar, as elegant as the brand itself, curated with a sharp aesthetic eye, but above all with a focus on its wide range of home appliances. There’s more. Our work extended beyond digital channels, by building a website, copywriting services, with numerous PR articles, graphic and radio spots, as well as OOH. Because our main goal was clear: the customer should be aware of Miele brand and each of its benefits, by making its home appliance his own.