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Slogan, Campaign Development, Brand Awareness, Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, Content Creating, PR & Copywriting, Print Advertising.

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Financial Services

we’re always ready to succeed!

successful for the same exact reasons

As a creative agency, we love success and we work hard for it. Above all, we are attracted like magnets to customers who are identified by the same attitude and beliefs. However, something should be kept in mind: success is not a linear path, on the contrary, it is a winding path, with many ups and downs, mainly with the desire to follow the developments of time. Credins Bank, being confident on its experience in the future, addressed the desire for a different approach towards its existing and potential customers; to serve its banking products or services using a more convincing and direct language. Credins definitely aimed for the title of being the first choice in the Albanian-speaking communities.

a diagnostic approach for going beyond

Various customer demands would not stop this bank. Just as they would not stop our thought process. Our working team, like any employee, knows banks very well, and the paranoia caused by banking institutions. For this reason, we wanted to communicate in a laconic form that: Credins isn’t that passive bank that fails to adapt to needs, that leaves you waiting and doesn’t embrace innovation. That’s why we came with the slogan “Ready for you!”

we’re always ready for a challenge

Our team made Credins identify as a bank that is ready for its clients, even when they’re looking for advice or financial solutions. It doesn’t matter if their focus is on buying a real estate, expanding a business or covering studies, furnishing a home or an office, or even if it’s a quick and personalized service in business. Credins is ready whenever and for whatever, guided by high ethical standards.
We managed to convert our message into persuasion to the audience, also thanks to the chosen visual language. Through a square superimposed on expressive images, with representative colors for the products and services offered to the Business, Individual or Online categories, we were able to easily convey their advantages and characteristics, thus making the slogan “Ready for you!” simply factual.

What more can we say…We know the true power of being heard and seen.

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