work performed

TVC, Campaign Development, OOH, Radio Commercial, Graphic Design, Animation & Video Production, Social Media Management, Content Management, Social Media Advertising, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, PPC & SEM

industry type

Financial Services

Come to your bank!

One of the most valuable partners of Vatra Agency is the prestigious banking institution Credins Bank. Thanks to Vatra’s creative and strategic work, the marketing campaigns for Credins Bank not only provide relevant information, but also the necessary reliability to trust the conveyed messages. Based on the services, the marketing campaigns are well-thought of and diverse.

Credins Bank created the business services package to assist small and mid-sized enterprises. Therefore we carried out a marketing campaign composed of an advertising spot, an outdoor and indoor campaign which was also extended to social media.

The advertising spot is dynamic and designed as a pleasant confrontation of representatives of small and mid-sized enterprises in Credins Bank. Every detail of the spot conveys gratitude and positive energy, whilst discussing the experience with the business-dedicated package.

The spirit of the entire campaign carried out by Vatra Agency to promote the business package in all communication channels is a message of trust and security.

"Sigurisht behet" and “Lidhu” brought new messages to our customers by building a very good cooperation. Thank you for the correctness and professionalism demonstrated by the staff.”

Ms. Valbona GuriCMO, Credins Bank