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Logo Design, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Launch Campaign, Packshot & Logo Animation, Social Media Content, SEO/SEM, Print Advertising

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Financial Services

we speak Credins' language

a solid beginning

Speaking the language of a banking institution is not easy. First of all, you should know the approach that this institution has in offering banking products and services; to know the vocabulary that characterizes it and what makes Credins different from the competition. We know very well who our customer is and we say this without any modesty.

Our co-operation dates back to 2016. At that time, our team was committed to work for the signage of Credins’ newest headquarters and ATM terminals. Three years later, in 2019, the bank addressed the desire for a different approach towards existing and potential customers. Above all, to be an unquestioned choice. Regardless of needs or desires.

our destination right now

We’ve come a long way from where we began. While Credins marks the 20th anniversary of its establishment as the first bank with Albanian capital, our creatives were charged with the task of creating an expressive logo that would best communicate Credins’ history, while not straying from the original brand identity.

The symbol that accompanies Credins from the beginning, carries the triangle as an element – this conveys the feeling of protection, power, support and purpose. In the banking system, this element represents profitability, security and liquidity. In itself, the use of two triangles in Credins’ symbol expresses the cooperation between the bank and its customers.

a common and strong language

We were inspired by these hidden messages for the conceptual refresh of the logo. We were also inspired for the symbolic language from nature (wood circles), banking language (economic-financial statistics), but above all from people themselves.

Everyone sees in Credins’ 20th anniversary logo triangles that split and actually come together. Just as the ongoing work and products of this bank come together with everything the client is looking for.

We told you that we speak Credins’ language, didn’t we?

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