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Creating a premium identity for Kantina Skënderbeu

The roots run deep at Georgius Castriotus Scanderbeg Winery and Vineyards. Being one of Albanian’s oldest wineries, established in 1933 by an Italian family and then eventually established as a state-owned company in 1957, Kantina Skënderbeu is the most highly awarded winery in Albania. Their highly crafted wines are all about texture in which winemakers allow the grapes to decide the style, crafting the nuances and capture character, taking your palate on a journey of discovery. Vatra was hired to re-conceptualize and revive the Skënderbeu brand and packaging with a new approach to the domestic market. We’ve been inspired by the historic Castriotus family and Albania’s greatest hero to create a new identity for the company. What better way to tell a story than through this amazing character. This set the foundation that would lead us in our design. The brand was given a full identification from KantinaSkënderbeu to GeorgiusCastriotus Scanderbeg Winery and Vineyards. The full identification along with a range of significant symbols that represent the Castriotus family completed the logo of the company. Golden tones were used to establish the connection with nobility, elegance, quality and refinement that the brand demands.

“We would like to heartily say thank you to Vatra for a logo we are very of proud. The rebranding project led to a very positive result. They were committed to understanding our brand and our needs, always responded effectively and with professionalism.”

Mr. Helidon KushiCCO, Georgius Castriotus Skanderbeg Winery and Vineyards