work required

Branding, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Naming, Marketing Strategy

industry type

Healthcare and Beauty

Instant marketing for people who love themselves

IGO Laser Skin is a Tirana based clinic with innovative approach to skin care and laser hair removal. Like many of our clients, IGO Laser Skin needed content to showcase their centre in a unique and fun way. They wanted to motivate potential clients to know their care service and acquire healthy lifestyle habits.

We completed several content missions and created lifestyle photos to showcase all that IGO Laser Skin Clinic offers. We also designed specific motion graphics to motivate current and potential customers to be able to engage with them. To increase the brand reach, we would have to use a strategy that focused on two components: creating beautiful posts that showed off the product and then promoting those posts using our in-house experts to ensure the posts reach thousands of potential customers. Through fun, cheeky illustrations, the approachability of this project led to a successful launch of the IGO Laser skin Clinic in the market.

"I would give them an 11 out of 10. When we ran into glitches, they went above and beyond the contract to fix things and make sure we were happy. The product delivered was professional looking and smooth too, which is what we wanted. Vatra has an energy that people pick up on, just like we do. My mom always said that a good attitude is half the battle, and that is the way Vatra is. We feel lucky to have found them."

Ms. Elona DuroCo-Founder, IGO Laser Skin