work performed

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Graphic Design

industry type

Food & Beverages

The power of distribution

A prestigious production and distribution company with many years of experience in the market, asked Vatra Agency to rebrand, revitalize and make its visual identity more professional. Canaj is a company most known for being the distributor of Nikshiq beer, in addition to other quality products such asBeltá juices, PiuPiu juice etc.

The option presented by Vatra’s creative staff has generated a clean and serious brand image. The simplistic and modern logo written in elegant letters is composed of the company’s name. It embodies professionalism and reliability.  The compass needle in the logo symbolizes orientation, movement, speed and distribution, which is also the objective of the Canaj business.

Vatra Agancy has been working on extending the brand and designing other official elements: cover letters, business cards, signs, transportation means etc.

We were looking for some improvements to our logo and brand identity, as the old one didn’t fit anymore with our business. For this reason, we contacted Vatra Agency, a well-known agency for its expertise and professionalism. Vatra’s creative team, not only understood our mission, but they were also able to visually transform it into something beautiful. We are quite satisfied with their communication skills and the work results. We are looking forward to working with them again.

Samir CanajFounder, Canaj shpk.