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Building up STEM and self-esteem

The importance of including role models…

Young women and girls cite a lack of female role models in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) as a key reason they did not pursue a career in the sector. That’s why, through the “Choose STEM Future” campaign, the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) aims to excite and empower girls with knowledge and confidence by bringing forth inspiring role models of successful women in STEM professions from the Western Balkans (WB).

Allow us to show you the power of “STEM”…

Dedicated to working with creativity, fresh ideas, and moving results, we let RCC’s support for young women in STEM careers speak for itself. By building the “Choose STEM Future” campaign, Vatra got gracefully involved in an important project of the Regional Cooperation Council that includes EU and UNDP. Vatra made sure to enhance with passion the advantages, aspirations, and real stories of women in STEM.
Vatra’s team traveled through six Balkan countries to film, design, and create social media and web content for this powerful campaign that inspires young women. Anica, Anila, Jana, Jasminka, and Valentina are our STEM girls superheroes!

Igniting the spark…

It is important for girls to have access to information, challenges, and inspiration through social media. Vatra developed a meticulously planned digital strategy and a dynamic posting calendar that were as inspiring as the campaign itself, curated with a keen aesthetic eye but, most importantly, with an emphasis on awareness. Our aim was to spark interest in the best future job opportunities and the RCC’s support for young women’s self-esteem.