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Brand Identity, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Copywriting.

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Oil & Energy, Construction

No limits for a new brand big as its business

The BOLV Group originates in 1992 with the creation of the company Olsi Ltd with its main activity focused on retailing of fuel. BOLV-OIL sh.a. was founded on January 21st, 2003, and ever since it cherishes a successful economic activity that focuses on import – export and wholesale trade of fuels, transportation of all types of hydrocarbons, fuel storage, the prestigious IVECO brand representation for sale and servicing of commercial vehicles, philanthropic initiatives and most recently, in the construction and management of residential complexes and modem, innovative hotels.
In 2019, BOLV Group initiated an identity transformation program in partnership with Vatra to create a modern, digital-first, partner-centric company with an ambitious goal of aggressively growing its B2B customer base. Having such a fragmented brand was limiting BOLV brand strength and ability to build a powerful reputation as a local and regional company among external and internal stakeholders through a new visual identity that would encapsulate the vision that inspired them to be leaders in the Albanian market. The brief consisted of a visual image for their brand that solidified all the smaller enterprises and branches of expertise into one unified form. With that in mind, our team of designers created a new logo along with a slogan mirroring the intentions and values of this brand, with strong and wholesome imagery.
After the creation of the logo, we also designed and developed a new website that reflected the rebranding along with the best way to visually represent the wholeness of BOLV Group. It was also represented in stationery, invitation cards and ideas to incorporate in social media. The new brand has created a real momentum and is focusing on being more connected, finding efficiencies and better ways of working together, and building our ‘Limitless’ concept. It has really set us up well for the future.

Bolv Group Project Img 5 - Vatra Agency / Founder & CEO Gerton Bejo
Bolv Group Project Img 4 - Vatra Agency / Founder & CEO Gerton Bejo
Bolv Group Project Img 3 - Vatra Agency / Founder & CEO Gerton Bejo

Vatra Agency helped us to create a brand identity for the main companies of our Group. Quality, Simplicity, Availability are the three words that best describe Vatra's successful collaboration with us.

Ms. Loreta CukajBoard member of Bolv Group
Bolv Group Project Img 2 - Vatra Agency / Founder & CEO Gerton Bejo
Bolv Group Project Img 1 - Vatra Agency / Founder & CEO Gerton Bejo