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Another successful flight

Just a remark to say that…

It’s not easy to have someone loyal by your side, someone who cares about your well-being. The same goes for choosing an airline that will shorten your journey and connect you with people, cultures, and different places. When it comes to air travel, it’s indisputable: the economic ticket price remains a crucial factor in choosing an airline. However, other reasons may inspire you. You want to feel calm, safe, comfortable, pampered, and without regrets for the journey undertaken.

Always by your side!

At the beginning of 2022, Albawings entrusted Vatra with its marketing and communication strategy. This Albanian airline was clear about what it wanted: loyal travelers. However, loyalty is earned only if you show that you know your traveler well, with everything that bothers him or wants.

At that time, Albawings told travelers that it was by their side not only for economical tickets but also for safety and comfort during the flight; for representing the Albanian identity, punctuality in flight schedules, and guaranteed optional services. The results were extraordinary! Albawings managed to differentiate itself significantly from the competition precisely because of high brand consciousness.

“Through the sky and together in every corner of Italy!”

However, our work didn’t stop there. We wanted to strengthen its identity and reputation even more, and for this reason, we brought two campaigns. The first campaign, “Through the sky with you!” was built to communicate the benefits of traveling with Albawings, but above all, the experiences that each destination promises – exploring nature, culture, shopping, meeting relatives, etc. Our channels for this campaign were OOH, Social Media, PR articles, a TV spot, and a radio spot. The second campaign, “In Italy with you!” followed the first, with the same approach and extension. We communicated the Italian destinations Albawings operates to, mainly the feelings experienced by its travelers in each place, while the communication channels remained the same, except for the OOH.

If someone were to ask us about our collaboration with Albawings, we would describe it as a successful flight, like many others of its kind.

Vatra’s unwavering dedication, professionalism, and approach have truly set us apart in the dynamic aviation industry. It has been our absolute pleasure to work with a team that not only loves and shares a common passion for their work but also stands out for their strategic mindset

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