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Campaign Development, Brand Awareness, Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, Content Creating, PR & Copywriting, OOH, Graphic Spot Production, Radio Commercial, Traditional Media

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Financial Services

Always catching the beat!

all in one master Tonic

Mastery in communication is what identifies us as a creative marketing agency. And this expertise was requested by the leader in the banking industry, Mastercard, when they decided to launch the rewarding campaign for loyal and new customers, in cooperation with Credins Bank. Identified as the first bank with Albanian capital, Credins continues its work on being an undisputed choice. For us, this joined force was the next step towards being in line with the times, and catching the “beat”…
Because the giant of online payments around the world likes the language of the masters. Mastercard owns it when it comes to financial services. Vatra, when it comes to quality and effective marketing. Both together? Well, here comes our metaphor: “All in one master Tonic”.

a definite message

The entire campaign was developed based on the concert of the singer Elvana Gjata, at the “Air Albania” stadium. In the span of a month, the highly motivated team at Vatra worked intensively for a dignified image of the event. But above all, to convey in an original and creative way, Mastercard’s initiative: customers would receive a 30% discount for the concert ticket, if they used Mastercard to purchase it.

the power of mastering our own mind

The success of the campaign reaffirmed the truth of the saying: “Mind is the only true master”. It was conceived from the beginning and rigorously implemented in both traditional platforms and social media.


when all is said and done

We skilfully applied the key visual that would unify the communication in different media, while we attached a very interesting and youthful tagline: Catch the beat! We were motivated by the language of music, the basic rhythmic unit, due to the very fact that we were addressing a specific target group: those who would come to enjoy the performance of the singer Elvana Gjata. We also offered high-quality copywriting services. To be more specific: the Mastercard campaign spanned across Print, OOH, Social Media, Graphic Spot and Radio. We also transformed and gave a curated look to the mobile branch available from Credins Bank, as well as customized promotional tools within the campaign.