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Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Copywriting, Animation

Industry type

Oil / Energy

Leader in digital fuel

All roads lead to Alpet

You can find its name on every street of Albania. It doesn’t matter if you are driving in the capital city of Tirana, outside of it, or in another city. Alpet, established in 2005 as a branch of the Turkish tycoon company ALPET, has been having a single goal: To meet the demands and needs of customers for high quality fuel, while offering availability and proficiency in service, without ever forgetting the mission of protecting the environment.

A full tank of gas

After 14 years – specifically in 2019 – when this hydrocarbon company had managed to identify itself with an unchanged image to its customers, Vatra was entrusted with the mission of taking Alpet to the next level. Beyond increasing brand awareness, or a current stance on the latest digital marketing trends.

Car and driver’s best road trip

Our work team was entrusted with building and nurturing such a relationship that today makes Alpet’s customers re-choose its gas stations not only for the high quality in the market, but for the experience. This relationship was conceived and strengthened in social media, where distances disappear and the target audience is more easily reached. But this result is obtained only if the medium in question is curated with well-thought-out, original and professional content, without departing from the client’s requirements. Vatra has done this for 5 years in a row and continues to do so, always focusing on the demonstration of the product values and services that Alpet provides, the foundations of an unwavering trust in the brand, the affinity and above all on the loyalty drivers.