work performed

Research / Analysis, Social Media Management, Content Management, Social Media Advertising, Graphic Design, Animation & Video Production, Video & Photo Shooting.

industry type

Retail, Consumer Goods / Lifestyle

The digital energy

Albaelettrica specializes in the wholesale and retail of civil and industrial electrical equipment, lightning and electrical systems design and installation. In 2018 the company approached Vatra Agency to create a digital marketing and communication strategy.

The challenge was to communicate via Social Media and other digital channels, paid or organic, the wide range of company’s products to thousands of people in Albania every month. The main goal was directing costumer’s attention towards Albaelettrica’s products and services. . After the research phase, which was focused on the needs of the company, we came up with a communication strategy which was perfectly integrated not only with all digital channels, but even more importantly, with all the PR and BTL moves that the company carries out to promote products and the exclusive brands that it trades. We were able to strengthen this strategy with a new content strategy and an efficient posting calendar. We began by implementing a full digital approach, segmenting the audiences in order to convey different messages to each audience depending on their location and the products of their interest. Through this process, we identified a number of successful base audiences, allowing us to know our audience and improve our communication month by month.

During this time, we worked simultaneously with the Albaelettrica team increasing their expenditures and achieving a ROAS higher year by year.

When we first came up with the idea of a more contemporary image for our company, we were looking for a creative firm that not only met our standards but also matched us in professionalism, dedication, and prestige. Vatra studied our field of operation, took our ideas and vision and in a combined effort with our team, managed to turn them into what we believe to be an image for the future. We are looking forward to furthering cooperation in the future.

Mr. Neritan DojakaAdministrator at Albaelettrica