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Brand Identity, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Retail Design, TVC, OOH, Print Advertising, Campaign Development, Web Development, Animation & Video Production.

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Retail, Consumer Goods / Lifestyle

Bringing us all together

Albaelettrica specializes in the wholesale and retail of civil and industrial electrical equipment, lightning and electrical systems design and installation. After many years of dedicated effort, Albaelettrica has established the standard as one of the prestigious leading companies with an acclaimed European reputation operating in the Albanian and Kosovo markets, providing a wide range of high-quality contemporary products.
After two decades of going from good to great, Albaelettrica asked Vatra Agency to redesign their brand, aiming to change the whole concept of their image and finally have an entirely new look. The new identity had to be modern, appealing, dynamic, reliable, flexible, and engaging.
We worked on the new project and redesigned an exclusive brand, creating a dynamic and eye-catching shape that complies with their high-quality products and services. The shape embodies perfection and stability. It reflects the traditional colors of the old identity while the initials of the company name “a” and “e” were creatively redesigned in a new symbol. This strong, powerful, energetic identity was created to reflect Albaelettrica’s vision of the future, maintaining its status as a leading, strong and powerful brand in the region. After creating their new brand image, Vatra carried on with being creative with the advertising campaign of Albaelettrica, producing its first TVC in 18 years. The representative colors of each of their services were placed on a black screen with graphic shapes to highlight through motion the areas and services that the company covers.

When we first came up with the idea of a more contemporary image for our company, we were looking for a creative firm that not only met our standards but also matched us in professionalism, dedication, and prestige. Vatra studied our field of operation, took our ideas and vision and in a combined effort with our team, managed to turn them into what we believe to be an image for the future. We are looking forward to further cooperation in the future.

Mr. Neritan DojakaAdministrator at Albaelettrica