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Our clients operate in almost all industries. For us, this is a challenge in and of itself, one that is rewarding for each new insight we get. One of our clients is Advanced Business Solution (ABS), an industry leader in providing information technology-related solutions. Vatra hasn’t changed, just as ABS has remained committed to bringing customers and technical innovation closer together. Our team is aware that, in today’s cutthroat business environment, a company’s success begins with how it is recognized for each service and product it provides.

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In the Albanian ICT industry, ABS is unquestionably one of the businesses experiencing the most rapid growth. This is a testament to our success, because we worked arduously and passionately to give ABS a distinctive and expressive brand identity that communicates its core principles. The entire story that the brand is based on, has its roots established by us. In addition to surviving the years, the initiative of the successful group of Albanian engineers in 2002 has gained recognition among a large audience for professional services in information and communications technology.

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To represent the sense of precision, the variety of services offered by ABS, as well as its foresight, we created and brought to life a logo that is, at first glance, as simple as it is abstract. We employed the switch and its schematic stylization as a graphic symbol, which by itself allows a circuit to function fully, while the metaphorical language intimately links it to problem-solving. We reinforced the visual communication message by pairing the logo with a straightforward slogan. With the help of our services, ABS was given a comprehensive identity package, which included a user guide.

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