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One of the toughest challenges of an advertiser and brand developer is to fight complexity with a simple yet meaningful solution. After crafting a memorable brand identity for WISEWORD group, it was time to develop a brand identity for each of its educational institutions.

As a group of regional proportions with ten years of experience and with offices in Albania and Kosovo, WISEWORD is a complex universe, made by several institutions of different meanings. The creatives of the VATRA Agency supported each of these institutions by crafting dedicated sub-brands identities.

The main brand logotype turned into a “modular logo” that could support all the sub-brands with a clear and memorable identity. Each sub-brand has its recognizable logo, tone of voice, and a dedicated color.

"After being present in the market for more than 10 years, we took a bold decision to contact Vatra and rebrand our company as Wiseword Group.
This has had a huge impact and now we are leaders in our industry. The sales tripled since March 2020 and Wiseword is a well-respected brand in the market.
At the same time our education institution partners are amazed at the impact that the brand has had in recruiting new students for them. Companies like Kings Education, and Cats Global Schools have tripled and quadrupled the number of students from our agency."

Mr. Besart Xhaferri | founder and CEO of Wiseword Group