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Branding, Packaging Design, Naming

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A new serialized and optimized packaging solution

Following the revival of the image of Profarma sh.a in the Albanian market, the need for a new packaging image for the entire range of nonprescription medication was raised. Visual identification and creation of new products for the local and regional market is the main vision that drives the future of the company. Taking this into consideration, product presentation to the consumers takes the main focus of the new marketing strategy. Profarma sh.a. put Vatra in charge of coming up with a design strategy which enabled the easy identification of the company’s products on the pharmacy shelves. Besides the packaging for a series of over-the-counter products, Vatra also created a set of icons that helps the consumer use the medication as appropriately as possible. Communicating and creating visual content dedicated to social networks and traditional media enriches the project even more with visual elements gaining an advantage over the competition in the Albanian pharmaceutical market.

"We express our gratitude to Vatra, for its cooperation and support in the development projects of our company Profarma JSC, focusing on our future. By understanding clearly and adopting our goals they have been part of our staff with their professional creativity and advice. Now, walking in the road that we constructed together, we are certain of the successful promotion of our company."

Mrs. Aurela ShotaPR Director, Profarma JSC