work required

Branding, Outdoor Signage

industry type

Banking & Finance

A new branch concept

Credins Bank was established for the first time in Albania in March 2003, as an investment by an Albanian businessman and became the first private bank with a 100% Albanian capital. Credins Bank is ranked as the third largest bank in the country by real estate and financial assets. The Board of Directors contacted Vatra and requested the branding of the new headquarters. The request included all indoor/outdoor architecture elements, window frames design and ATM terminals layout. Vatra will also provide the branding of all new branches from now on. After an in-depth review of the detailed brief provided by Credins Bank and a research phase we were able to collect all necessary elements useful to this project. The selected shapes and elements that we chose to use strictly follow the lines of the company’s identity making them an intrinsic part of our work. The dedicated work of Vatra team has produced an indoor and outdoor environment that expresses architectural unison, adaptability and innovative design. Vatra also delivered the project and the production process by selecting and partnering with the best professionals and companies in the Albanian and in the regional market.

"Vatra Agency team have proven to be very creative and proactive. They are able to deliver in extremely short periods of time and always ready to receive and give quick feedback. We consider Vatra a valuable and reliable partner."

Ms. Lauresha BashaCMO, Credins Bank.