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A bold and refreshed brand for the oldest Albanian company

Except for being one of the oldest Albanian companies, Profarma is also one of the few companies that was spared by the political transition in Albania. With more than 70 years of experience, Profarma is the leading pharmaceutical company in the country. Since 2008, Profarma is part of the German pharmaceutical group, namely Dermapharm AG. The company’s management requested from Vatra to revive the image of the company by creating a strong modern identity that conveys credibility and security to partners and end-consumers. After the logo was revived and harmonized, Vatra’s creative group designed a detailed user guide for brand identity. An identifying color palette was created for services and product subcategories, along with an image user guide for each marketing element. Under the lead of the Vatra’s creators, a series of new products were created from scratch, starting from their name to the design of the packaging and their communication in the media.

"We express our gratitude to Vatra, for its cooperation and support in the development projects of our company Profarma JSC, focusing on our future. By understanding clearly and adopting our goals they have been part of our staff with their professional creativity and advice. Now, walking in the road that we constructed together, we are certain of the successful promotion of our company."

Mrs. Aurela ShotaPR Director, Profarma JSC.