work performed

Brand Identity, Launch Campaign, Packaging Design, Web Development

industry type

Food & Beverage

a bite into happiness

The burger is more than the expertise of so-called “artists behind the counter” and some tasty memorable bites. It’s a complete experience, something sublime, a happy moment to celebrate yourself. Someone understood this and called the agency.

Make a switch, grab a yellow mood!

Yellow Mood in less than a year has become the most outstanding place where to have a burger with friends and family. The creator’s idea was to mix a menu of tasty, out-of-this-world mini burgers with the latest music hits and cocktails in a suggestive ambient. The client had a premium experience, but it needed a brand to support it. We at Vatra opted for a magic switch, starting from the logo. The symbol in the logo was designed to signify the switch of mood that clients experience while they taste a well-made burger. A jump into happiness which we enhanced by adding the formula of serotonin. The O letters and the font of the name transmit lightness, creativity and a playful lifestyle.

People’s favorite burger store in town

The next goal was to transform the Yellow Mood philosophy of happiness into an online experience. That’s why we developed an interactive website and supported with user-friendly design a dedicated delivery app, available on Appstore and Google Play.

Our experienced creative team took care to create and implement the new brand identity in unexpected ways. The product packaging is one of the most Instagrammable things in town. The staff uniforms were designed from scratch to stand out as urban fashion pieces. The delivery guys with their unique uniforms and cool bikes can be easily mistaken for superheroes.