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Brand Identity, Corporate Products, Event Management, Social Media Management

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Government & Institution

Europe Day. The importance of open doors

For small and complicated countries, like Albania, the integration in the European Union is not an easy journey or neither a short-perioded process. There are obstacles to overcome, borders to abolish, and doors to open.

Following the success of the 2015 campaign, for a second time, in 2017 the Ministry of European Integration appointed VATRA to take charge of Europe Day, which is celebrated the May 9. An important day for the EU institutions in Albania, which needed a visual identity, an original event, and a communication campaign.

We opened the door to something extraordinary. Under the slogan “Open doors for youth” we designed a visual approach that reflected the dynamic and multi-colored European culture. A logo that looks in perpetual motion, to signify the driving force of youth for change and integration.

We also branded and created the concept of the Europe Day event. The venue took place in the courtyard of the Albanian Parliament, where in its entrance we placed 27 real size doors. Each of the doors was dedicated to an EU country member and was left open. To enter the premises of the event, the participants (EU ambassadors, Albanian politicians, and media) had to walk through 27 wide open doors. We wanted to remind them about the importance of open doors.