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I am european too, so let’s close the distance

Even though Albanians are not part of the European Union, they still celebrate Europe Day in style. Can’t blame them. Integration in the European Union is one of their greatest aspirations. So, every May 9 they celebrate not only Europe, but also a step forward toward a common goal.

In 2015, VATRA was tasked by the Ministry of European Integration to treat the visual part of Europe Day, to come up with sparkling ideas and to build an agenda filled with events for the European Week.

We gave to Europe Day a marked visual identity. Our art directors crafted a colorful logo and a series of branding materials by implementing the colors of each country member. A brand-new star in the European sky. A multi-colored star that reflected the EU message, “Unity in diversity”. Even the agenda of the events were treated in full colors. They were organized in different Albanian cities, while among other things, guests could taste unique dishes from all European culinary traditions.

I am European

The campaign slogan, “I am European” was used as a platform to communicate Europe Day on a large scale, especially among the younger audiences. Our digital team built a web app that allowed Albanian users to generate a personalised EU passport. A simulation that worked perfectly as promotional material and to create engagement.