New visual identity for Albanian Customs


Albanian Customs is the public body/bureau which protects the financial and economic interests of the country. It guarantees safety and protection of society and business partners by supporting them in managing risk through a series of efficient and effective controls to detecting anyone who violates the law, facilitating trade practices through the implementation of modern technologies and methods of work. Customs also has as its main mission; the cooperation at national and international level with all stakeholders, whether private or public. Customs walks in harmony with EU standards and also strictly follows all international customs conventions, thus being a community partner supporting domestic and foreign trade, but most importantly the Albanian consumer. Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Albania and the General Directorate of Customs, on the occasion of renewal of the entire structure, trusted the Agency with the renewal of the visual image and its overall identity. The new requested image had to be presented with a strong and serious symbolic in which would be reflected all the values that identify an institution such as the Albanian Customs. After consulting a specialist of the field, work started to identify elements of any kind that would be assembled and used to create the new image of the Customs. The new logo carries some key points and elements constituting the Albanian customs institution. The use of visual details is put together harmoniously to present a simple identity and comprehensive at the same time. The institution is been given the value of one of the most important departments of the state through the colours. The completion of this Brand resulted in its expansion throughout all the elements and facilities of the institution. Also, the design of the uniforms and decorative badges was the cherry on top of this work.

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