New Packaging Design for Beata Eggs by Vatra

A healthy product is a bright and transparent product!

For Beata, freshness and quality are the most important things, along with environmental sustainability and the happiness and welfare of their hens. Beata Eggs are for people who share these values and want to supply the best products to their homes and customers.

Vatra was asked to re-think the packaging of Beata Eggs to communicate these values, and to give this product a new transparent image.

We came with the idea that when the buyer picks up the package from the supermarket, what s/he sees has not to differ from the expectation. S/he have to see Beata’s chicken eggs, the fresh ones. Instead of traditional paper coating materials, we apply transparent PVC materials to cushion packaging, which not only speaks for the concept of free air but also prevents collision. The packaging features the use of transparent materials that allow the customer to see the product and therefore know when the eggs are running out.

About Beata Farm

As one of the largest investment projects in northern Albania, Beata was created with the purpose of being a leading company in the poultry sector. The farm is focused on raising egg-laying and meat-producing chickens and also in supplying the best Albanian stores and supermarket chains with its products through its distribution agents. The company also has it own network of stores. This investment is 100% Albanian.

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