New health-care solutions from Noval, a brand designed by Vatra


Noval is a new Pharmaceutical Company established in Albania which develops, produces, and markets generic drugs. Noval provides health-care solutions to patients and their success is build on a solid foundation, their commitment to serve responsibly and with accountability, so they can become a trustworthy partner for the wellbeing of their clients.

The pharmaceutical sector is one of the most important industries that faces high competition and therefore comes the need for a brand identity that is strongly build and that could represent the new competitive lead as well as the possibility to extend marketing and branding strategies. Vatra was approached to create distinctive and explicit brand architectures and packaging design for Noval.

The starting process for the branding design was research and exploration of ancient medicinal herbs treatments, traditions and literature. We wanted to relate a real element of nature and history with the symbol of the identity. Vatra presented a nal recommendation for its brand symbol, the blossom of Gentiana Lutea. The genus name of Gentiana comes from King Gent the last king of the Illyrian tribe of Labeatis who are said to have recognized the effectiveness of the root of the Yellow Gentian.

The yellow symbol and easy spelling Noval is designed with a clear and modern tendency using lowercase typeface balancing graphically the elements not in a centered position but making the V letter a visual support for the symbol. After defining the Brand Identity and stationary rules, the next step was to design and develop the packaging.

All factors that affect all medicine users were considered when designing the packaging, keeping information clear and in a legible manner. The graphic support part was defined by primary and secondary colour combinations in regular and square shapes, highlighting the dosage information of the drug.

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