New advertising campaign for UET (European University of Tirana)


UET is the fastest growing Non Public University in Albania. UET was established by a group of individuals composed of academics, university lecturers, journalists… and experienced managers from the public and private higher education. UET has gained a reputation as an educational institution distinguished by quality and high standards. Vatra was invited as part of the team to create and manage the advertising campaign for UET through a long relationship and excellent cooperation. The challenge was to produce an insightful advertising campaign for two new products that UET was launching. The Bachelor and Masters Program had to be brought to the public wittily to attract selected target audiences. A strong image and important person of the Albanian letters Mr. Dritero Agolli was awarded the title of “Honoris Causa – UET”. Dritero Agolli’s speech to the UET students was used as the crucial message of the UET towards its students and its targets.

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