Miele and Vatra. Together Again


Luxury appliance brand Miele has released a regional offer campaign to launch their new seasonal deals and Vatra was challenged again to help Miele significantly increase their sales and brand awareness

The kitchen-buying journey is a long and complex one, so we need to develop a single-minded idea that would tell a consistent story across all customer touchpoints and set Miele apart from their more media-present competitors.

This campaign will seek to build up the company’s home category, traditionally Miele’s strongest category worldwide, but one that has only recently gained a little stop in the internal market.

Vatra’s Project Director and CEO, Mr. Gerton Bejo added that the key challenge is how to best justify the brand investment, to an audience with low awareness and low interest.

“We need to connect again with audiences on an individual and emotional level, putting this time the audience’s needs in front of every action we take. At the same time, it’s also important in this fiercely competitive category that our brand has to always be a top of mind. For this we have developed new ways to target, segment and remarket our customers offline and online”.

Looking into the lives of real people that use Miele products, we have created a strong communication strategy that will drive again Miele as the most desirable brand in the Albanian Market.

“We’re excited to be partnering with an innovative company like Miele. It is always remarkable how a company can shift once they start listening and responding to the right data signals.”, Mr. Bejo says.

About Miele

Miele is a German based manufacturer of high end domestic appliances, commercial equipment and fitted kitchens. Miele distributes their premium products in Albania through Elektromagjia sh.p.k. and have their showroom in Tirana and official stores in Vlora and Fier. The company also ships their products all over the Albanian territory

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