Lori Natural Tea & Lori Brown Cup. A colourful natural identity for a new hot-drink brand


For two decades Valtelina has been the leading Albanian company in coffee, hot drinks products and services operating in Albania, Kosova, Montenegro, Macedonia (FYROM) and Greece. Regarding to market demands, consumers needs and new taste trends they decided to make new expansions and develop a new product collection branded Lori Natural Tea followed by Lori Brown Cup.

Thanks to the enthusiasm in their work, they seek to spread to every corner of Albania and outside the full range of their products, which, are renewed in response to consumer requests and offer original tastes. When they decided to add a line of fine teas to their offerings, they called Vatra for expertise in consumer product branding and packaging design. Lori Natural Tea collection had to look astonishing on home as well as on the supermarket shelves. Each of the tea flavors or main ingredients had to be identified easily, be recognizable and differentiate from other tea brands. Vatra created the concepts developing them with the thinking that tea is perceived more as an experience than a mere beverage. There was created a differentiation of the collection from other tea brands on the market but the most important was that Vatra created a tea collection that gives the idea of an artisan feel and a special process that same as in fine arts there is a special dedicated time on tea making. Different style designs and concepts were presented to the client. The decision was based on brand strategy development but also making a choice on three of the proposals developing one concept each year making every tea collection unique. The packaging design was simple, elegant and created with watercolor technique. An easy to read product packaging that is color-coded to indicate each variety of tea. Different from the watercolor we have introduced illustrated designs, which are the second proposal and choice. They present the concept of a unique story described with graphic humorist elements and sketches or emphasized characteristics for each tea taste. Every element is related to the special characteristics of the tea variety. Lori Brown Cup collections are created with the same concept, symbolic or hyperbolic scenes according to each taste.

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