Vatra Agency creates the visual identity and title sequence for Klanifornia

Klanifornia is an Albanian comedy show created by Turjan Hyska, produced by Alexander Frangaj and presented by renowned host Marina Vjollca.

The new television season on Tv Klan is enriched with a new television format which will be one of the main shows of this television by broadcasting this format every Saturday in prime time.

Vatra Agency was approached by TV Klan executives and program creators to create a visual identity of the show that would represent elements of the American entertainment industry intertwined with Albanian reality and the context of its target audience, as well as creating a title sequence in 3D motion graphics for opening and closing the show. The Design Department at Vatra Agency managed to create an identity in line with client expectations while following tight deadlines given to them. Immediately after the creation of the visual identity, inspired by the elements set out in the brief, Vatra’s Head of Video & Motion Graphics, Olti Dulaku together with the group led by him created a series of graphic elements that were implemented through 3D animation techniques in time for the broadcast date of its premiere to the public.