The following article is the synopses from the speech of Founder and CEO of Vatra, Gerton Bejo during Digital Day Lite, Belgrade 2021.

The previous decade was a decade of change, adaptation to digital communication, the sophistication of marketing agencies, and all professionals in the creative and communication industry; however, the change in the coming era will develop at the speed of light.

To respond to the dynamics and the unceasing empowerment of technology and everything else that this development will bring about (positive outcomes or otherwise), the expected change will pose strong challenges. In order to survive, marketing agencies will have to transform into gigantic production machinery of design, services, and content providing.

The occurrences of the past 10 years in regards to change is expected to take place at a far shorter time in the future… Possibly, in the upcoming years, the evolution dynamics will make us experience an entire decade within a year. As never before in human history, the concept of time and space now has a different meaning.
Are we ready for it? Maybe yes, maybe not. Regardless, we are well aware that changes will occur at any moment…even as we speak; many things out there have already progressed.

Many agencies have chosen to move out of their comfort zone, several are still in survival mode, while others have moved on, by navigating the future. Thus, in order to explore the human within us (the agencies of the future), will need first to “fight the reptile” within us (the agencies of today).

One thing is for sure: the more and the faster the changes take place, the more people who wish to be challenged will face unimaginable and extraordinary battles in the new “future”, which have just begun for all of us, for the likeminded, humanity too (our audience).