Finken. The new beauty and household store in the local market


Finken is an Albanian – Austrian investment that requires fast and efficient positioning in the Albanian retail market that deals with specific public consumption products related to body care and households. The parent company, as one of the biggest import enterprises in Albania for this type of products, and well known international brands, undertook the initiative to create a chain network of shops focused in “Personal and Home Care” products. Finken is looking to enter in the “Personal and Home Care” market as a direct supplier for the final customer. In order to revolutionize the Albanian market through a chain of shops, Vatra was entrusted to create and further develop a strong Brand that will resist in time, outrank all other competitors in the initial phase, and become a reference of the last trends for the public. Since Finken has an objective of expanding in other countries beside Albania, Vatra started to work on a 360 degree research on local markets and competitors in the region and Europe.  During the process of naming the Brand each element was important. The name “Finken” was approved by the Company Board of Directors and the work started immediately to create a strong graphic identity and its application in all the elements. The process of creating a full fledged identity was completed with the development of a sub-brand for the pharmaceutical division. Further on, a brand centric communication campaign will emphasize the new brand in a special way in all the medias, in order to efficiently reach the target audience. The establishment and management of all digital platforms is the first foundation for launching “Finken”. The visual and marketing objectives of the brand will be translated into a long term strategy that will aim to promote this identity successfully for many years to come.

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