Fab Natural Water, the newborn brand of summer 2014


The management of HYSENBELLIU GROUP decides to lunch on the saturated market of Albania a new brand of natural water. This product is bottled at the springs of Saint Mary near the Dajti Mountain in Tirana. For the launch of this new product, the Group challenges our agency to develop a full identity design and marketing strategy. This strategy was focused in first in a design for a cool packaging for the product and the production of an advertising campaign, this last one focused in printed ads and TV commercials. The client had specific and short guidelines about, and Vatra have to offer a detailed plan for that. One of the main points of the client brief was to create a short name that have to be pleasant, likeable, refreshing and most important, catchy. This new brand had to be unique and easy to recognize. The new brand needed to create an emotional image that can impress in a multisensory way the attention of the customers as something unmatched in quality.

After an accurate research and following the guidelines of the client that comes to us to adopt the word “fabiola” to the product, Vatra staff decides to name the new incomer with “FAB” The origin of name referred to the “fabiola” (triteleia laxa) flowers. The shape of the flower became the inspiration for the symbol of the logo. The word “Fab” near the flower shape, with the original color of itself, makes the full logo for this product. We decide to place communicably this product showing more the emotional and the intangible assets of the product. We enhance the water quality in our design. This to be different from the other water brand based here in Albania. We take this decision consulting and making different benchmarking analysis in the large and saturated market of bottled water and analyzing the competitor’s brand positioning at the same market. Vatra also developed a full marketing strategy that includes voices like; media coverage, media buying, target market, future objectives, S.W.O.T analysis, placement, promotion, outdoor advertising, merchandising objects, event management, sponsorship, etc. The advertising campaign was conceptually based on an elegant girl to personify a multidisciplinary character including the spirit of nature, the nature itself, the purity of the water and its springs, the water itself, the flower because Fabiola is an international female common name, and last but not least, our product. We think that this advertising campaign gives emphasizes to the brand name, product qualities and history.

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