The following article is a press release from the 10th edition of Digital Day, an annual conference that takes place in Belgrade (Serbia). Digital Day tracks the impact of digital marketing in our region and it reflects about its full potential in the communication industry. We are happy to announce that VATRA will be part of this event, among other international agencies and organizations. Our CEO and founder, Gerton Bejo will be one of the key note speakers.

A difficult year is behind us, strong people are ahead of us. Some were strong, otherswere stronger, and some just too strong. All of this helped us celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Digital Day conference as part of one story, one community, and as part of a system that has proven capable of overcoming all challenges and becoming even stronger.

The tenth in a row, the most important digital conference in the region – Digital day, this time in Lite version, will be organized on June 3, 2021 in a hybrid format, and will address all the changes that occurred in the previous decade under the slogan “10 years hacking digital”. The one-day conference program will bring answers to questions about what the past decade looked like in the digital industry and how much it has progressed, what changes it has brought and how much it has influenced the change of business climate in the country and the region.

As we evolved from chasing fans, followers and likes, through flash apps and photo contests to having several radical algorithm changes lead us to establish new values: native content, influencer marketing, use of programmatics and pixels in every digital campaign.


The main topics of the keynote lectures and panels will include recapitulation of crucial events in the digital industry and the digital community since its inception. We will recall what influenced the transformation of digital into what it represents today, what the effects of these changes are, how much the changes affected digital professionals and corporations, their campaigns, as well as what changes the previous year brought us and what the predictions are for the period ahead.

The conference program will be opened by Igor Chernishevski, Head of Digital at Direct Media United Solutions, who will address the AdEX survey for 2020, during which reference data on the size and scope of the digital advertising market globally and in Serbia will be presented. The continuation of the program will be marked by 3 panel discussions and 5 keynote lectures by representatives of leading global and domestic digital companies.

The first among the keynote speakers will be Ivan Radojicic, Brand Partnerships Manager of TikTok in New York. The representative of this very popular social platform, which in the last two years has recorded a fantastic rise in the number of users, will give an exclusive performance, for the first time in Serbia. At TikTok, Ivan works with clients at FinTech Vertical, and before TikTok he was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and Business Operations Manager at various startup companies in the US, UK and Serbia.

Then, we will have Gerton Bejo, founder and CEO of Vatra Agency, who after studying 2D and 3D design and communications in Great Britain graduated in design and advertising and later specialized in art history in Great Britain. For more than 20 years, Gerton has been providing design, marketing and advertising services to hundreds of clients from various industries in Albania and the Balkans, where Vatra has its presence.

The program will continue with lectures from Soco Nunez de Cela, Interim Marketing Director from Burger King and Biljana Stojković from Sasomange Advertiser, as well as other speakers whose names will be published soon.

The IABMIXX Awards ceremony will be held after the conference program, on June 3, when the best digital agencies will be awarded prizes for campaigns and projects implemented during 2020.

All those interested will be able to watch the live video broadcast on:, subject to advance payment of the registration fee.


About IAB, Serbia Interactive Advertising Bureau


IAB Serbia is an association founded in 2009 with the aim of actively supporting the growth, development and education of the digital and interactive marketing market in Serbia. As part of the global IAB network and a member of IAB Europe, IAB Serbia strives to help participants in the media and advertising industry to advance in the digital economy. The membership numbers more than 80 media and digital agencies, publishers, brands and technology companies responsible for the sale, delivery and optimization of digital ads, as well as other companies that invest their budgets in digital campaigns.


Stay tuned for more news and updates about VATRA @Digital Day Lite!