Deka and Vodafone together to reward Albanian customers


Deka is one of the many branches of AM Group. Founded in 1991, AM Group is one of the first and largest successful businesses established in Albania. Some of their brands like Deka and Olim oil are undisputed leaders in the market. Deka was initially founded in 1992, and mainly focused on the trade of consumer goods like food products, detergents and soaps, with leading brands like Deka, Elan, Dix, Sprink and Prim Soft. Vodafone, one of the world’s largest electronic communications operators in Albania since August 3, 2001 in what is likely to be one of the world’s fastest communication network rollouts, capitalizing on its partners’ expertise and experience in operating networks around the world. Vodafone Albania is part of Vodafone Group Plc.

Deka and Vodafone Albania launched together the Summer SMS Lottery. This was a major campaign of the two biggest businesses in the country and it needed major publicity. Vatra was involved in the project to advertise the whole summer event in a large scale all over the country. The latest joined campaign Deka and Vodafone launched was the Summer 9000 Gifts lottery. Same as in the past campaign, Vatra had to develop advertising and promotional products to cover the event successfully. Vatra developed and implemented a large promotional campaign in all areas. Naming, Design; TV Media were some of the wide services provided by our agency on strengthening the lottery message and also promoting the lottery products and lottery winners. Summer 9000 Gifts was developed also through promotional, press products and digital media. To deliver the message Vatra used bright colors to indicate the gifts and simply white illustrated icons. The campaign had participants from all over the country, this is an indication, which shows that the campaign was successful and achieved its goal.

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