Dea Studio, communicating beauty together

DEA architecture studio provides identity, stimulation, reflection, fun, orientation and security. It is the name of a national cultural heritage symbol. 12 years of successful cooperation with Vatra Agency makes us beyond clients, makes us partners in creating and representing beauty and aesthetics.

Having delivered over 180 projects, DEA Studio is noted as one of the most qualified and prestigious urban planning and architectural companies in Albania. It creates and develops residential and mixed use, landscape and urbanism, culture, education and sports -related projects throughout the country.

Vatra Agency designed the logo of the studio, based on their name “DEA”, a national and international cultural heritage sculpture, best known as “Dea of Butrint” (UNESCO heritage status). We designed this logo having in mind this beautiful bust embodying a half deity and half human figure. It is an elegant grey silhouette of the Dea’s head in a white rectangle.

Since the beginning of our partnership, we managed all the communication channels of the studio, starting from web design, public relations, social media management, to full digital marketing. According to the Head of Digital Marketing at Vatra, Gert Zenelaj, collaborating with architects is quite challenging. They are creative, yet very demanding, which naturally makes work very stimulating and successful.

Testimonial: “Our Company was seeking for a highly professional team to bring the best out of our image. When we reached out for Vatra Agency, and the rest was very easy. They supported in the way we needed to and enabled us to accomplish our common goals. We are very satisfied with the outcome as a result of our cooperation with them”, Ervin Taçi – CEO.