Brand Identity for the biggest building in Albania, Aba Business Center and its sub brands designed by Vatra

At the heart of the capital, in a quiet and easily accessible area, 200 m from the Lake of Tirana, raises the tallest building in the region: ABA Business Center. It consists of 21 floors above the ground, and 3 underground floors. The building is exceptional in that, among many other things, it projects unlimited space in all four directions, which is very difficult to find in the building – crowded Tirana. Gener 2 is a highly regarded real estate and development company, which is rapidly becoming Albania’s choice for construction, engineering, design and project management with over seventeen years of market experience. The diverse portfolio of Gener 2 includes general residential and commercial construction, public works projects, engineering design, management, coordination, and supervision of various construction and development activities. They bring an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and commitment to every job. The group aims to complete each and every project in an innovative, efficient, and cost-effective manner. The goal is the provision of quality while projecting integrity and the highest standards of ethics locally and internationally.

ABA Business Center is one of the most ambitious projects of the region. It is the latest construction of Gener 2 ltd, the highest and largest building in the capital of Albania and its bound to a vision that well crosses regional boundaries of business and development. Vatra was appointed to communicate this vision visually, to give shape to this new identity that incorporates innovation, strong and visionary business foundations and a modern way of doing business. Moreover the challenge was to develop identities and brands for the various services that are provided in the skyscraper. The ABA shopping mall is stylish, modern, and attractive. ABA 21st is a top of the line restaurant, the ideal place to close a business deal. ABA Fifth is another novelty in Tirana that presents a new stylish way of cafeteria, bar and restaurant. All of these together are a package challenge that Vatra tackled on. We knew from the start that this task required special attention and extra commitment. Everybody was involved and asked to bring ideas on the table. We discussed at length with the representatives of Gener 2 and step by step began to create an identity that is based on the building itself. The shape of the skyscraper and its colors inspired us for the symbol of the identity. So we developed the logo to resemble the base and curves of the building, integrating the colors in brush stroke lines to generate a symbol that is captivating, colorful and yet slick “clever” and momentous. The typeface is chosen carefully also, clear, intact and business like. For ABA 21st we developed a simple but enticing logo with the number 21 in a rectangle, the typeface is elegant and impressing the eye with perfection. We created a fine identity to reflect the top quality of the place, architecture, positioning and eye view. Our agency created something that expresses neatness and excellence. For ABA FIFTH again we used the lines of the corner where the place is situated in the building to generate a unique symbol that represents with dignity an elevated, panoramic place. The symbol gives an impression of perspective and loftiness. The typeface and colors are in harmony with the logo and complete the symbol in style.

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