Gjirofarm Article, Vatra Agency / Founder & CEO Gerton Bejo

“Communicating via Social Media the range of Gjrofarm’s products to thousands of people in Albania every month”, this was the challenge that Vatra Agency accepted from the management of the well-known dairy company.

Gjirofarm is an Albanian household brand in the food industry. It has operated in this market for many years, so there was a need for the brand’s communication to be refreshed in order to raise its awareness.

Attracting the attention of the consumers towards Gjirofarm’s product was not our only goal. Through different in-house content, we created a brand identity that people would easily recognize among many others within the same category.

This is why our focus shifted into the products Gjirofarm offers and finding original ways to display them. Our creatives identified and worked to create the new social media communication strategy on three main fundamentals, in order to develop a consistent strategy on every media platform.3Coherence: In order to communicate the company’s products with creativity on Social Media, we’ve addressed the necessity to create a strong and recognisable content strategy, capable of uniting a community within a brand that speaks to the daily routines of our consumers.

Occasion-based: Show the product in a real occasion of use, with a dedicated photoshoot and unique photos.

Traditional: Talk and listen to our clients to refine our strategy and integrate their traditions and mentality in our media communications to enhance the product’s value proposition.

We took special care into representing the products as accurately and positively as possible. Each piece of content is dedicated to a trend, a special day, or a real use case of the products. The placement of the products is well thought and doesn’t intrude the user’s feed.

When advertising Gjirofarm’s products, we wanted to avoid looking forceful in the way we presented the products. We feel that we achieved that goal, through a well thought content strategy and social media distribution.

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